Off to Hannover with a stop off in Pretty Potsdam!

The beginning of my trip started off well and I managed to navigate myself out of Berlin quite easily, it felt like no time at all until I was on the open road heading for Potsdam! Unfortunately after the baking heat the weather had taken a turn for the worst and I battled against high winds and rain but luckily it decided to take a break while I looked around. Potsdam is a beautiful city known for the large number of castles dotted all around, I didn’t feel like I could enjoy it fully tho as I had nowhere to store my things and I was not aloud inside the main grounds with my bike. I did however cycle around the perimeter that passes by some amazing buildings and gives you a few pretty good view points. I left feeling satisfied with my small but impressive glimpse into what this fairy tale like city has to offer, I will make sure I come back for a better look in the future!

Just another regular building in Potsdam!

Just another regular building in Potsdam!

As the evening drew closer I found myself the usual patch of wooded area and set up for the night, crossing my fingers that I would wake up to a calmer day with a break from the wind as it makes all the difference when going against you, especially when you are cycling with a bike the size of a boat! Haha But with the morning also came the wind and the struggle started again, even tho the roads are flat you feel like your heading for the clouds so the journey was slow. Time for lunch and I was more then happy for the break, securing a good spot for the bike next to me and settling in for some well deserved food when a particularly strong gust of wind whipped down the street and lifted the whole bike up and over, with a huge crash it hit the ground and my things went everywhere! I was to flustered and busy trying to gather my things out of the road with a couple of passers by to even think that it may have actually caused some damage to my back shelf as the bike seemed to be fine. I was none the wiser for quite some time as I love to listen to music as I ride and due to the winds I had already been really struggling to hear or move very easily so I can’t say for sure if the damage was done in the moment of impact but I presume that it developed as I continued to bounce along the cobbled streets of the lovely little villages I passed through. When I finished off that evening I realized that the mud guard was actually pressing on the back wheel, I hooked a bungee cord around it and set off thinking I had cunningly found a solution.

One of the buildings that really caught my eye, hiding in a little town!!

One of the buildings that really caught my eye!

Day 3 of Me Vs The Wind! Even tho the wind was getting to me I knew I would be in Hannover that evening so that gave me the power I needed to battle on and then out of nowhere came the sunshine! After chatting to some lovely locals I was directed onto the canal that leads you right into Wolfsburg. I put my speaker in my drink holder and partied my way into town tho I was feeling the strain. It became clear why when I arrived in Wolfsburg, re-assessed my bike and found that the bungee just wasn’t doing the trick and that the whole back shelf was collapsing down, forcing the entire mud guard to bend and was now resting completely on the wheel…. NOT GOOD! Now I was faced with an issue as it was already Saturday afternoon, the shops were closing and I had nowhere to stay! After a lot of debating and disappointment I had to admit my defeat… I would need to get to Hannover some other way as I had a place to stay and people there who could help. Never wanting to take the easy way out I thought I could try hitch a ride so the hunt began, even tho I met some lovely, very helpful people no one was going my way. I acquired cardboard, pen and instructions at a petrol station then set off to take my place, smiling and holding my sign by the side of the road. But no joy, the cars were that bit to small and my bike was that bit to big! Feeling rather sad I peddled back to the main station and took the train to Hannover!

My daily set up! :)

My daily set up! 🙂


One thought on “Off to Hannover with a stop off in Pretty Potsdam!

  1. Certainly eventful – I admire your strength and fortitude


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