Hannover – Rainy days and sunny people!

It was almost dark by the time I finally arrived at the trailer park community  I had been linked with by my friends near Arendsee and I was rather deflated after the days events, everything was pretty quiet and I was just met by two people working hard on their own projects in the large ‘construction shed’ which looked like it had anything and everything you could possibly need to build something! I was shown to the guest trailer where I would be sleeping then around the basic points of the site, toilets, bathroom, communal kitchen and lounge area etc then left to unpack and sort myself out which included a well needed shower that pumped out piping hot water from the log fire heater in their beautifully tiled bathroom. Even tho it was dark the place looked magical and I couldn’t wait to have a proper look around and meet the people living there but for now it was time to get some rest and I looked forward to another day of sunshine as the property ran right along the Mittland Canal that I knew was good to swim in.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…… or not!! I woke to a steady downpour and decided that this meant I should have a serious lie in! When I finally emerged I decided to go back to the work shed and see if I could do anything to help…. this resulted on me doing a renovation clean on a really old tractor that they used to move the trailers around. From here I got to know others in the community, enjoying chats, coffees and gathered the well needed information that to fix my bike the next day as there is a DIY bike shop in the city and a new friend let me know that he also needed to go so he could show me the way. Feeling a lot more relaxed about the situation I settled in for a cozy evening in the kitchen/lounge getting to know everybody, sharing laughs and stories.

Fixing up my bike at the DIY shop!

Fixing up my bike at the DIY shop!

Monday came and so stayed the rain but I kept myself entertained through the day and before to long it was time to set off to fix my bike. The guys at the shop were very helpful and luckily reassured me that it was just the frame for my panniers that was damaged but the bike was fine, unfortunately tho he didn’t have anything second hand we could use as my mountain bike has a different structure but he had one I could buy that would fit so I got stuck into taking the old one off and getting the new one mounted on, flag and all! A quick oil of the chain and a check over my gears and tires and I was good to go, I paid, made a donation then headed off to the local community building where they have ‘Meals for the people’ on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday which is where you just pay 1.50 for a good meal. Immediately I got chatting to a guy in the Que who invited me to sit with them where we enjoyed our curry, rice and interesting conversation. I had decided to leave the next day so I did my routine food shop for the next couple of days on the road then headed back to hang with the guys one last time!

Tuesday brought nothing but more rain and I was convinced to stay one more day and wait for the sun that was expected, so to fill my afternoon I was introduced to the young 7 year old girl living there who wanted somebody to play with. As she did not speak English we didn’t have to much conversation going but we both made the effort to chat and express ourselves, she showed me around the property and we spent some time collecting berries then happily eating them as we strolled around. With the rain still hanging in the air we decided to take things inside and the perfect solution was to make a ‘fantasy’ cake, aka a cake with made up ingredients…. it turned out great! 🙂 That evening a couple of people decided that they would cook dinner so we all gathered in the kitchen/lounge again, ate, drank and chatted until early hours when I said my goodbyes and headed for bed but looking forward to my sunny ride the next day as I found out I could go the whole way to Munster along the canal and I had been kindly put into contact with another trailer park community who were happy to have me.

Fun with a new little friend collecting berries!

Fun with a new little friend collecting berries!

Packed and ready to go with my new shelf, unfortunately my flag doesnt stand straight anymore tho! Ha

Packed and ready to go with my new shelf, unfortunately my flag doesnt stand straight anymore tho! Ha


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