Munster then a wet and windy ride back to the Netherlands!

I woke up to another scorching hot day but this time I could actually enjoy it and as the property runs along the canal it would be a relaxing day in and out of the water, but first it was time for coffee and a good look around! The place is beautifully done with communal hang out areas, big gardens full of veggies, berries and all sorts of flowers dotted around. Some of the homes looked incredible with a real mix of trailers, buses and added extensions to really create their own little dream homes. The atmosphere was so relaxed and welcoming with smiling faces all around and it was no time at all before I made a small group of friends and we enjoyed sun, swimming, music and beers along the canal side before heading to one of the trailers to play darts, not very well in my case! But before I knew it it was time for bed so I got my bags organized, made a ruff plan of my route the next day and enjoyed my double bed for the last time though I realized that I had left my adapter plugs in Hannover so there would be no more charge for my tablet from now on!

The next day brought reasonable weather except for the wind that had decided to pick up again but after a pretty leisurely morning I set off with my instructions and felt excited to be back in the Netherlands and spend my Birthday with some friends near Tilburg! The wind was strong and for some reason I was finding it particularly hard to figure out which way I was meant to be going as I kept meeting car only roads and having to turn around so in the end I decided to ditch the recommended route and free for all it along my own path. As dusk was falling I found a trusty wooded area and camped up for the night and set my alarms for an early start, hoping for a smoother run the next day.

The key to getting up early is to make sure that your alarm is set for the right day….. not something that I had done so my early morning start ended up being more of a late morning scramble to get ready and on the road. Yet again the day was not a smooth one with a lot of need for directions and then all of a sudden my front basket swung out to the side and I had to make an emergency stop before I lost the entire contents across the bridge that I was crossing. Luckily for me we had attached the basket to the bike with wire so I just used that same wire to bind it back in place and off I went! As the day drew on and I got closer to the boarder the sun started to peak through the clouds and brought some well needed sunshine into my life as the wrong turns and difficult weather had started to dampen my enthusiasm. I sped toward the little ferry I needed to cross the river but after a few stops for friendly chats and directions I managed to miss the last one! Not letting this get me down as by now the world was bathed in beautiful evening sun and I was back onto the well sign posted and bicycle friendly roads of the Netherlands, I set off towards Well where I was informed that I could cross over on a bridge. Even though the Netherlands appeared to be far more tricky in regards to camping spots it didn’t take to long before I found myself a nice little patch of trees and set up for the night, looking forward to seeing my friends the next day and having some home comforts again! 🙂


One thought on “Munster then a wet and windy ride back to the Netherlands!

  1. Have been following your blog Gem. Sounds like your having an amazing time. Good luck on your travels. Xx


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