Pink Monday and Birthday Celebrations….

As I peddled out of the city and into the dainty little streets my excitement grew, I made a new friend who guided me along the last stretch of the journey, delivering me directly to Will and Guillian! After getting myself unpacked, washed, fed and sat with a beer in my hand we set about planning our evening and waited for Guillian to get home and the celebrations to commence. The rain had stopped and being in true Dutch fashion we all mounted our bikes and off we sped, back towards Tilburg city center and the mass of pink party people that I couldn’t wait to join! We managed a very over crowded squeeze with our bikes until we found enough space to accommodate all of them and into the throngs of people and whizzing rides we went, dodging large pink comic articles, having the odd dance around with an enthusiastic raver here and there and just generally looking around with amazement at how this small city had turned into a space largely resembling an adults Disney World as the bars spilled out onto the streets and mixed with the ride ques and dancers. We wondered the streets for a while before heading into a constructed arena, large highly decorated stage and beer tents. We met up with a group of their friends and a few that I already knew, the beers were passed around and my Birthday celebrations began…..

After dancing until the early hours there was no rush to get up and about the next day so we spent most of it lounging around watching bad but entertaining TV (quite a novelty after my time on the road) we bought delicious food and a bottle of imitation baileys (my favourite indulgence drink) and I aloud myself a day of doing nothing!

Guillian had informed me of some of Europe’s largest inland sand dunes about a 20 minute bike ride from their house so the next day after a slow start we set off to hang out in the sun for a while before Guillian had to go out. The sand dunes were beautiful as expected and the forested walk leading to them was the ideal introduction, seeing as the sand slowly introduced itself to the forest floor. We eventually settled on a spot directly in the middle of the dunes, after a couple of hours Guillian had to leave but I decided to stay and enjoy the last of the afternoon sun which my speaker for company. It wasn’t long before I was up dancing around like the happy go lucky idiot that I am and had only stopped for a matter of minutes when a guy with a backpack approached me. Turned out he was a Dutch traveler who had passion for walking, he had herd my music and thought there was a party going on so thought he would check it out…. Just to find one English girl and a loud speaker at the end of it. I welcomed him to join me, he produced a few beers from his backpack and we chatted until the sun had disappeared and I eventually fumbled my way through the darkness back to the car park and onto the house feeling full of enthusiasm for getting back onto the open road the next day!



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